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With the improvement of economic level, the number of cars is also increasing, with the subsequent parking problem will become the majority of owners of the problem. To solve the problem of parking lot, need to strengthen the parking lot operation and management.

The so-called car park operation and management, not only the parking lot building structural design, but also including floor, traffic safety facilities, intelligent design and other design factors. To improve the overall service level of the parking lot, improve the intelligent construction of parking lot, you need to work with the relevant services

Royal floor in order to promote the implementation of intelligent parking system, in the customer experience, comfort as the core, to solve practical problems for the purpose, to create the most humane care of the parking lot ground.

A change in the traditional underground parking lot dark, depressed environment, the Royal floor parking lot floor system to create spacious, bright parking space. Clear functional zoning, a clear orientation identification system to maximize the function of the dado, etc. embodies the human design.

In addition, the Royal Floor is the elastomer flooring used in the parking lot floor system, so that the ground with flexibility, thermal expansion and contraction, and also better strengthen the ground noise absorption noise, anti-skid function , The surface layer by adding tin-titanium alloy is to improve the wear resistance of the ground, the role of the parking lot to the ground to the limit.

Royal Floor, the original intention of building smart car park is to promote people-oriented, in order to better solve practical problems for people. Royal floor has 15 years of ground research experience, and as a standard car park floor system developers have a wealth of design concepts and understanding of the parking lot for the floor system has an integrated design, for the majority of builders, equipment manufacturers and developers, etc. Parking to provide the overall project floor solutions.

Our competitiveness

Focus on ground materials for 15 years
Master the ground core patent 60 items
Floor industry standards for a number of participating units
high-tech enterprises
Fujian famous brand
Intellectual Property Model Enterprise
Engineering design and construction integration of two
Science and Technology Progress Award winning unit
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Royal Floor +, 5 major series:

Royal Floor + hospital = healthy and comfortable;
Royal Floor + sports = sports energy;
Royal Floor + business = aristocratic temperament;
Royal Floor + municipal = security;
Royal Floor + industry = standard and efficient.

Royal floor, five major systems:

Royal Floor - sponge city ground system;
Royal Floor - Airport Ground System;
Royal floor - the ground station system;
Royal Floor - Car Park Floor System;
Royal Floor - Epoxy Millstone Floor System.

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