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Royal floor specializing in ground materials research for 15 years, as a commercial space terrestrial system standard setters, is committed to the domestic commercial space design, professional services covering a number of motor stations, subway stations, airports, commercial complex, And other fields of design. After years of continuous efforts, the Royal Floor has gradually become the most dynamic commercial space one of the ground design business.


Epoxy grinding stone floor system for mobile station

The station has now become one of the important means of transport people travel. To promote the development of China's motor car, the Royal floor to join the construction plan of China's mobile stations. As the motor station ground national industry standard drafting unit, the Royal floor of the ground station to develop the overall project of the mobile station solutions for the construction of mobile stations contribute their own!


Standard for Train Station Ground System




Floor Royal, Royal Floor. Royal floor always adhere to the attitude of the cohesion of the spirit of craftsmen, to create a unique technology. Royal people to keep innovation, perseverance, perseverance spirit, so that every show of skills, are contained in the floor of the art of dedication and perseverance. Excellence, meticulous, Jiang Xin spirit also exists in the floor among the transmission of space design of the natural aesthetics.

Our competitiveness

Focus on ground materials for 15 years
Master the ground core patent 60 items
Floor industry standards for a number of participating units
high-tech enterprises
Fujian famous brand
Intellectual Property Model Enterprise
Engineering design and construction integration of two
Science and Technology Progress Award winning unit
China flooring industry top 20 brands
China 's top 10 flooring industry projects
China Environmental Labeling Certification
Four system certification enterprises

Royal Floor +, 5 major series:

Royal Floor + hospital = healthy and comfortable;
Royal Floor + sports = sports energy;
Royal Floor + business = aristocratic temperament;
Royal Floor + municipal = security;
Royal Floor + industry = standard and efficient.

Royal floor, five major systems:

Royal Floor - sponge city ground system;
Royal Floor - Airport Ground System;
Royal floor - the ground station system;
Royal Floor - Car Park Floor System;
Royal Floor - Epoxy Millstone Floor System.

Royal Baby micro signal: 18950275086, welcome to consult, the Royal Floor ★ Ping of the world!