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What is "sponge city"? Depth for your analysis

Sponge City is a new generation of rainwater management concept, refers to the city to adapt to environmental changes and cope with the natural disasters caused by rain and so has a good "flexibility", also known as "water elastic city." Internationally termed "low impact development of rainwater system construction". Rain when the water, water, water seepage, clean water, if necessary, the storage of water "release" and be used.

According to the "Sponge City Construction Technology Guide", urban construction will emphasize the priority to use "green" measures such as planting grass ditch, rainwater garden and sunken green space to organize water discharge, with "slow release" and "decentralization" Planning and design concepts. Scope: sponge city construction, municipal engineering, human trail laying.

City "look at the sea model"

Then the sponge city will give you what?

This question asked, the sponge city building not only to facilitate the public, but also to the project to bring new friends to the opportunity, a series of municipal engineering, human trail laying, all of them indicate that in improving the living environment, these places Of the construction need to invest heavily, especially the floor industry, as the construction of sponge city, it is the most important. Dear friends, you can better access a series of projects, self-realization, mutual benefit and win-win.

Our traditional "sponge" project, what are the typical cases?

Dujiangyan, Sichuan Province, is located in the west of Dujiangyan City in Chengdu, Sichuan Province. It is located in the Minjiang River in the west of Chengdu Plain. It was built in the late Qin Dynasty (256 BC ~ 251 BC). Composed of waterfowl, Feisha weir, Aquarius and other parts, two thousand years has been playing the role of flood control irrigation, the Chengdu Plain to become floods and droughts from the People, Woyeqianli the "land of abundance", has reached more than 30 counties irrigation area, an area of ​​nearly 10 million mu, is the world so far, the oldest, the only retained, is still in use, characterized by no dam diversion ambitious Water conservancy project, embodies the ancient Chinese Han laboring people hard-working, brave, wisdom of the crystallization.

Since ancient times, the people of Dujiangyan focus on the use of water, from the Qin Zhaowang, has built a lot of Heaven water landscape.

Water Conservancy Project of Dujiangyan City

n fact, these scattered type of civil water conservancy projects, it is "sponge" philosophy of expression. By the tens of millions of small cells constitute a complete functional body, the external forces to absorb decomposition, no digestion. Therefore, we call for the conservation and protection of civil water heritage, to promote decentralized micro-water conservancy projects. These scattered non-governmental hydraulic facilities will not only cause damage to the natural water process and water structure, but also construct a national ecological sponge system that can meet the requirements of human survival and development.

Looking into the present, what can we do?

Looking into the present, what can we do?

Royal floor of the national construction of sponge city call, made the following efforts

For the traditional ground improvement, the existing solutions:

Color permeable ground solutions
Light weight

Color permeable green flooring is also known as "porous concrete", it is applicable with the sponge city construction related to the city trail, city square, garden path, residential area. The color permeable surface solution is composed of a thin cement slurry coated on the surface of the coarse aggregate. The aggregate and the cement paste are bonded to each other to form a honeycomb structure with uniform distribution. Therefore, it has the characteristics of ventilation, water permeation and light weight. To solve the problem of water, and can effectively eliminate the ground oil compounds and other environmental pollution hazards, is to maintain the ecological balance of the fine material.

Color permeable floor

The starting point of the city's mobile blood, high-quality solution:

Subway platform ground solutions
Oil resistant
Acid and alkali resistance
Good wear resistance

Flexible polyurethane floor is between the rubber and plastic a polymer material, it is cured in the film after the elastic, comfortable and comfortable floor and floor cement bond with the good, not because the grass-roots have micro-cracks Leading to floor paint cracking. Elastic polyurethane floor coating wear resistance is particularly good, and oil, acid, alkali, the whole seamless, easy to clean care. It also provides an ergonomic surface that reduces pedestrian and vehicle noise floor. Therefore, it is very suitable for large flow of people, noisy subway station platform. Can be seen from the figure below, the overall flexibility of the polyurethane floor seamless, easy cleaning care, so that subway station looks cleaner and tidy.

Flexible polyurethane floor

To create a city road guard, excellent overall solution:

Road slip floor, to ensure safe driving
Mildew waterproof
Oil resistance, wear resistance
Resistant to pressure, impact resistance

It is also known as "organic slipway", which can show its excellent slip resistance performance on any slope. It has the functions of mildew proof, oil resistance, abrasion resistance, heavy pressure resistance, performance. From the careful selection of materials to the construction of fine arts, so that the ramp is not only seamless, bright color and beautiful, and durable, is a parking garage ramp or color road security of choice for safe driving high-quality materials.

Road anti - skid floor

Xiaobian conclusion: the construction of "sponge city", to be hard work hard

In response to the call of the state, the construction of "sponge city", means that the Chinese construction industry and the responsibility between the floor business. In the process of construction, in order to restore the natural ecology of the city itself, the protection and restoration of natural greenbelt, wetland, rivers and lakes and other landscapes will fully mobilize the natural body to digest and absorb rainwater. China's long-term urbanization in the development of high strength, roofing, road pavement and other issues, to a certain extent, damage to the soil water seepage function. For these over-hardening, we must avoid "over-engineering" and give full play to nature and the city's "green coordination effect."

Royal floor in this is the pioneer, we have to "create green products, improve the living environment" as any, in response to national call, do a good job building a smart city, step by step into the future of the business to action to prove China's flooring industry The leader of the sense of responsibility.

The city needs to explore a harmonious way with the water symbiosis, "sponge city" provides a "just for the soft" way of flood control, and the threat of flood into urban transformation and renewal opportunities. This is inseparable from the effort to pay the floor of enterprises to pay in silence, we firmly believe that as long as pay close attention to hard work, the Chinese people will certainly be able to do a good sponge city construction.

The Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development compiled the "National Standard Design System for Sponge City Construction"

Recently, the Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development has compiled the National Building Standard Design System for Sponge City Construction. The main contents of this system include: new construction, expansion and reconstruction of sponge-type building and community, sponge road and square, sponge park greenland, In the protection of the ecological environment-related technology and related infrastructure construction, construction inspection and operation management.

From the system framework can be divided into planning and design, the source of runoff control system, urban stormwater pipe system, excessive rainfall runoff discharge system and other parts.

Sponge city construction national construction standard design system frame


The Ministry of Housing and Urban Development pointed out that "the sponge city construction national building standard design system" will play an active role in improving the sponge city construction design level and working efficiency, guaranteeing the construction quality and promoting the sustained and healthy development of the sponge city construction.



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