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  • Name: Epoxy Anti bacteria Terrazzo
  • Num: HJDP-Y02

Epoxy antibacterial color stone floor - to eliminate the breeding of bacteria highlight the hospital human
Hospital lobby, is a flow-intensive space, antibacterial color stone as a royal star star products, a fundamental solution to the hospital environment a variety of ground problems, popular consumer appreciation. Its overall seamless characteristics, ease of maintenance and maintenance, with excellent wear resistance, high compressive strength, good adhesion and excellent performance. Beautiful and beautiful appearance is a considerable extent to change the traditional hospital cold, monotonous image, reducing the psychological pressure on patients; combined with a unique antibacterial materials and technology for the hospital clean environment to bring new vitality, vividly highlight the hospital human nature Of the construction side.

HJDP-Y02 epoxy antibacterial color stone scope of application
Hospitals, tobacco, electronics, food and other factories, high-grade office buildings, exhibition centers and high-end entertainment venues, villas, and so on.

HJDP-Y02 epoxy antibacterial color stone floor features
The overall floor without joints, clean, easy maintenance and maintenance, excellent wear resistance, high compressive strength, good adhesion, beautiful bright.

HJDP-Y02 epoxy antibacterial color stone structure diagram

Construction Technology of HJDP - Y02 Epoxy Antibacterial Colored Stone
First, basic treatment: sanding, removal of attachments.
Second, approved scraping primer: brushing strong penetration of epoxy primer, subject to full.
Third, the slurry sand: According to the design thickness, uniform laying epoxy antibacterial color stone aggregates.
Fourth, the surface layer grinding: to be completely cured resin began to grind.
5, surface coating: the top layer curing agent.

Technical Parameters of HJDP-Y02 Epoxy Antibacterial Colored Stone

Project Indicators
Drying time (h) ≤8
Drying time (h) ≤12
Flexural strength / Mpa ≥80
Compressive strength / Mpa ≥13.5
Wear resistance ratio ≥90.0
Hardness (Shore D type) ≥350
Surface strength (indentation diameter), mm index ≤3.10

HJDP-Y02 epoxy antibacterial color stone construction case diagram

Hospital medical floor color matching system and product window display