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  • Name: Dustproof wall paint
  • Num: HJDP-Y03

Clean wall paint - all-round antibacterial wall clean intimate
ICU wards and operating rooms are the most stringent space in the hospital area, whether it is space design, or interior decoration, must be to ensure that the wards within the cleaning effect based conditions. Therefore, the royal floor unique all-round anti-bacterial products - clean wall paint, is the operating room and the ICU ward of the bosom friend, dustproof, mildew, water, alkali and the overall seamless, Pollution, easy to clean, easy maintenance. Combined with the ground of the antimicrobial materials, medical staff to bring a safe and sterile working environment, due to environmental problems such as the ground caused by bacterial infection concerns, but also patients with a comfortable and safe treatment space.

HJDP-Y03 dust-free wall paint application
Hospitals, schools, factories, clean rooms, food plants, pharmaceutical malls, etc., the external wall decoration.

HJDP-Y03 clean wall paint floor characteristics
Mildew, waterproof, alkali, acid, scrubbing resistance, strong adhesion, non-stripping, can not afford to powder, excellent chemical resistance. Excellent corrosion resistance, chemical resistance, strong adhesion, a variety of grass-roots have good adhesion. Excellent resistance to pollution, easy cleaning, maintenance is simple.

HJDP-Y03 dust-free wall paint structure diagram

Construction Technology of HJDP - Y03 Clean Wall Finish
First, the prime wall treatment: the use of sandpaper for local polishing, removal of prominent objects, to the overall formation of seamless.
Second, the primer: with anti-alkali function of the primer roller or brush.
Third, the batch putty: with special putty approved two, requiring smooth, dry sandpaper after grinding.
Fourth, the topcoat: Roller or brush with the way, coated two.

Technical parameters of HJDP-Y03 clean wall paint

Project Indicators
Drying time (h) ≤4
Drying time (h) ≤24
Adhesion ≤1
Hardness (pencil hardness) 2H
Scrub resistance / times ≥10000
Weather resistance (h) impatience
Acid resistance (5% H2SO4,) 48 hours without change
Alkaline saturated Ca (OH) 2 48 hours without change
Water resistance (60d) 48 hours without change
Antibacterial properties / Mpa ≥99.97
Resistance to fungal properties 0
Stain resistance 4

HJDP-Y03 dust-free wall paint construction case diagram

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