Products Detail
  • Name: Emery Floor
  • Num: HJDP-G01

Carborundum Floor - cast a strong wear-resistant carpenter
Many industrial areas need to have high-intensity wear resistance, wear-resistant materials in the carborundum floor is made of aggregate, Polish special cement and pigments and external agents, such as a reasonable level of production, professional construction technology to wear-resistant materials and concrete ground , Highlighting the abrasive wear-resistant characteristics of the carborundum floor, and has a high compactness, double to improve the compression resistance, impact resistance. Emery floor of the cost-effective and practical advantages of durable, widely sought after and favored by consumers.


HJDP-G01 Emery Floor Application
Warehouses, factories, car parks, workshops, docks, gas stations.

HJDP-G01 Emery Floor Features
Features: wear-resistant, dust-resistant, impact resistance, easy to maintain.
Service life: more than 15 years

HJDP-G01 carborundum floor structure diagram


Construction Technology of HJDP - G01 Emery Floor
First, the prime treatment: to ensure that the concrete (leveling) layer of dense surface formation, no Qinshui, initial pressure when the finger pressure test left 3-5mm imprint.
Second, wear-resistant treatment: the spread of hardened surface material, until the absorption of concrete moisture can be used to wipe the light compaction, light.
Third, the surface treatment: with a special curing agent, the use of fine mist spray construction conservation; cut expansion joints, sealed with sealing paint.
Note: After completion of the need to sprinkle water conservation after a week before use.

Technical Parameters of HJDP-G01 Emery Floor

Project Indicators
Flexural strength (28d) / Mpa ≥13.5
Compressive strength (28d) / Mpa ≥90
Wear resistance ratio% ≥350


HJDP-G01 emery floor construction case diagram


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