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  • Num: HJDP-F02

Resistance to strong acid and alkali floor - resistance to chemical abuse expert
Chemical storage areas and other places on the ground, walls and other environmental requirements rigorous, resistant to acid and alkali to use different techniques and careful selection of materials portfolio, its chemical resistance, corrosion resistance, and effectively protect the ground against external forces , And the floor after the completion of hardening quickly, forming simple and quick, highly appreciated by consumers and favor.


HJDP-F02 resistance to strong acid alkali floor scope
Electroplating factory, battery factory, chemical plant, chemical storage area or barrel tank, large sink, electrolytic cell, waste water treatment tank, acid and alkali pool.

Characteristics of HJDP-F02 Resistant to Strong Acid and Alkali Floor
Features: rapid hardening, simple and fast molding, chemical resistance, corrosion resistance
Service life: 10 years

HJDP-F02 strong acid-base structure of the floor plan


Construction Technology of HJDP - F02 Resistant to Strong Acid and Alkali Floor
First, waterproofing: the ground must first do waterproofing.
Second, prime treatment: according to the actual situation to do a good job grinding, repair, dust and so on.
Third, the vinyl ester primer: uniform scratch coating, and enhance surface adhesion.
Fourth, laying Glass cloth: Glass cloth laying flat after the use of vinyl ester to the ground, to the actual situation with the approved knife evenly approved level.
Fifth, the vinyl ester in the coating: the actual situation by the number of coated trowel evenly.
VI vinyl ester finish: trowel evenly coated, so that the surface color uniform, no hollowing.
Note: 24 hours before the Master, 72 hours before the weight.
(25 ℃ prevail, low temperature, the need for an appropriate extension of time)

Technical Parameters of HJDP-F02 Resistant to Acid and Alkali Floor

Project Indicators
Drying time (h) ≤4
Drying time (h) ≤24
Hardness (Shore hardness, D type) ≥80
Wear resistance (750g / 500r, weight loss, g) ≤0.04
Compressive strength / Mpa ≥130
Tensile strength / Mpa ≥100
Bending strength / Mpa ≥230
Adhesive strength / Mpa ≥3

HJDP-F02 strong acid alkali resistant floor construction case diagram


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