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  • Num: HJDP-F03

Anticorrosion Engineering - Unbreakable Protection Net
Anti-corrosion engineering process is complex, the substrate processing, the need to use resin and other materials, the bottom of the coating material pavement, with skilled floor construction technology, precision control of each process and materials, thus forming an indestructible "protection network ". At the same time using multi-layer fiberglass cloth or polyester cloth, enhanced anti-cracking, anti-corrosion, chemical resistance and other characteristics.


HJDP-F03 anti-corrosion engineering scope
Electroplating plant, chemical plant, pharmaceutical factory, paper mills, metal factory, food factory, such as storage tank, electroplating tank, sewage wastewater treatment tank.

HJDP-F03 anti-corrosion engineering floor characteristics
The use of multi-layer glass cloth or polyester cloth, enhanced anti-cracking, anti-corrosion, chemical resistance and other characteristics.

HJDP-F03 anti-corrosion engineering structure diagram


Construction Technology of HJDP - F03 Anti - corrosion Engineering
First, the substrate processing: grinding, removal of debris, fill-empty;
Second, the bottom coating: the resin compound, plus the amount of thinner roller coating again, to enhance adhesion;
Third, the glass fiber or polyester layer: the use of permeability and adhesion of the special epoxy primer with a roller to enhance the surface adhesion;
Fourth, the laying of fiberglass cloth: the resin material, the use of "continuous paste lining" paste glass cloth or polyester cloth, until the required number of layers;
5, anti-corrosion surface coating: the resin compound or paint coating two.

Technical Parameters of HJDP - F03 Anticorrosion Engineering

Project Indicators
Drying time (h) ≤4
Drying time (h) ≤24
Hardness (Shore hardness, D type) ≥80
Wear resistance (750g / 500r, weight loss, g) ≤0.04
Water resistance (60d) No change
Oil resistance (120 # gasoline, 60d) No change
Lubricant resistant (60d) No change
Acid resistance (20% H2SO4) No change
Alkali resistance (20% NaOH, 60d) No change
Compressive strength / Mpa ≥130
Tensile strength / Mpa ≥100
Bending strength / Mpa ≥230
Adhesive strength / Mpa ≥3

HJDP-F03 anti-corrosion construction case diagram

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