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  • Name: Non-Sparking Explosion proofing Floor
  • Num: HJDP-F04

Do not fire explosion - proof floor - put an end to the flames Shengsheng the hands
Non-fire explosion-proof floor for special dangerous goods places, non-metallic characteristics, so that the floor in the friction with the metal material does not produce sparks, improve regional security, and in the wet environment is not rust. At the same time to enhance the concrete floor wear resistance and strength, high density, lasting smooth, never fade. Excellent fire performance popular consumer.


HJDP-F04 does not fire the explosion-proof floor scope
Gas stations, gunpowder and other flammable, explosive materials production, storage and long-term static electricity generating areas.

HJDP-F04 non-fire explosion-proof floor characteristics
Non-metallic characteristics: a high wear resistance, dust resistance, impact resistance, reduce dust, fire performance.

HJDP-F04 explosion-proof non-fire floor structure diagram


Construction Technology of HJDP - F04 Non - Fire and Explosion - proof Floor
First, the concrete base (leveling layer) surface to be dense, smooth without bleeding.
Second, the initial setting of concrete, Shiatsu test left 3-5MM imprint.
Third, the spread of hardened surface of the material, until the absorption of concrete moisture in the wet, you can use the trowel compaction, received light.
Fourth, with a spatula manual light mechanical construction area.
5, the surface can be completed with a special curing agent (fine mist spray) conservation, do not use plastic sheeting.
6, cutting expansion joints. Use sealant.
Note: completion of the need to sprinkle water conservation after a week before use.

Technical parameters of HJDP - F04 non - fire and explosion - proof floor


Drying time (h) ≤4
Drying time (h) ≤24
Flexural strength (28b) Mpa ≥13.5
Compressive strength strength (28b) Mpa ≥90
Wear resistance than% ≥350
Surface strength (indentation diameter mm) ≤3.1

HJDP-F04 non-fire explosion-proof floor construction case diagram


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