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  • Name: Road Anti-Slip Floor
  • Num: HJDP-S03

Road anti - slip floor - to protect traffic safety
It is also known as "organic slipway", which can show its excellent slip resistance performance on any slope. It has the functions of mildew proof, oil resistance, abrasion resistance, heavy pressure resistance, performance. From the careful selection of materials to the construction of superb, so that the ramp is not only seamless, bright color and beautiful, and durable, is a parking ramp or color road security of choice for safe driving high-quality materials.


HJDP-S03 road anti-skid floor application
① underground garage up and down the ramp
② bus stop auxiliary stop line
③ road intersection and other places
④ large parking lot up and down the ramp and other parts of the need for non-slip.

Characteristics of HJDP - S03 road anti - skid
1, wear, pressure, impact resistance, and effectively extend the life of the road. Non-slip performance, smooth and comfortable without vibration;
2, reduce vehicle noise, improve driving conditions. Reduce or even eliminate the splashing water and mist, increase traffic safety on rainy days;
3, low temperature performance, and heat aging. All-weather use, resistance to ultraviolet radiation;
4, the surface is seamless, beautiful and bright patterns, signs of obvious landscaping road environment.

HJDP-S03 road slip floor structure sketch map


Construction Technology of HJDP - S03 Road Anti - slip Floor
First, the primary treatment: clean up the original ground oil and impurities, repair holes, ground polished formation.
Second, the spray primer: the overall penetration of primer roller coating, infiltration of concrete and closed pores, so that the solid integration of the concrete floor.
Third, the anti-pressure layer: After the end of the overall batch of scraping scraping yellow slip anti-pressure layer; to be non-stick after the design of the line and paste the US profile paper.
4, non-slip layer: the overall spraying green or other colors non-slip surface.
Fifth, the surface conservation: anti-skid layer dry roller coating or spraying special curing agent lane.

Technical parameters of HJDP-S03 road anti-slip floor

Project Indicators
Drying time (h) ≤4
Drying time (h) ≤24
Compressive strength / Mpa ≥130
Wear resistance than% ≥350
Hardness (Shore D type) ≥80
Surface strength (indentation diameter), mm index 3.10

HJDP-S03 Road slip slip floor construction case map


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