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  • Num: HJDP-S04

Parking floor - support the ground level
The parking lot floor is a new kind of epoxy flooring material which is tailor-made for the environment of the parking lot. It has excellent wear-resisting and anti-skid, pressure-resistance and impact resistance. It can effectively resist the rolling of the vehicle for many years. The ground is smooth and bright, Resistant to water, greatly reducing the long-term moisture caused by the ground shelling, sand, dust, cracks and other phenomena, is to support the formation of the ground, durable and environmentally friendly high-quality floor.


HJDP-S04 parking lot floor scope
① community underground garage ② commercial large parking lot ③ hotel parking spaces and so on.

HJDP-S04 parking lot floor characteristics
1, wear, pressure, impact resistance, and effectively extend the life of the road. Non-slip performance, smooth and comfortable without vibration;
2, reduce vehicle noise, improve driving conditions. Reduce or even eliminate the splashing water and mist, increase traffic safety on rainy days;
3, low temperature performance, and heat aging. All-weather use, resistance to ultraviolet radiation;
4, the surface is seamless, beautiful and bright patterns, signs of obvious landscaping road environment.

HJDP-S04 parking lot floor structure diagram


Construction technology of HJDP - S04 parking lot floor
First, the base surface treatment: according to the original ground the actual situation to do grinding, repair, dust.
Second, the brushing primer: permeability and adhesion with a strong epoxy primer roller coating to enhance the surface adhesion.
Third, the approved scratch in the coating: epoxy resin by adding quartz sand, trowel evenly coated with a trowel coated with a number of design requirements.
Fourth, the approved scraping soil: According to the actual situation of the construction of a few road requirements to achieve the formation of no holes, no trace marks.
5, roller coating layer: the surface layer of material with a trowel trowel coated one, after completion of the overall ground bright and clean, uniform color, no bubbles, no hollowing.

HJDP-S04 parking lot floor technical parameters

Project Indicators
Drying time (h) ≤4
Drying time (h) ≤24
Impact resistance (1kg / cm) Level 1
Adhesion (grid spacing 1mm, level) 1 ≤1
Hardness (abrasion) ≥2H
Flexibility (mm) Through
Wear resistance (750g / 500r) / g ≤0.029
Water resistance (7d) Not blistering, does not fall off, allowing slight discoloration
Oil resistance (120 # gasoline, 7d) Not blistering, does not fall off, allowing slight discoloration
Alkali resistance (20% NaOH, 48h) Not blistering, does not fall off, allowing slight discoloration
Acid resistance (20% H2SO4, 48h) Not blistering, does not fall off, allowing slight discoloration
Salt tolerance (3% NaCl, 7d) Not blistering, does not fall off, allowing slight discoloration
Stain resistance (%) according to K29-4387 standards ≤14
Slip resistance (dry and wet friction coefficient) according to K29-5673 standard ≥0.72

HJDP-S04 parking lot floor construction case map


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