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  • Name: Fluorine and Silicon FLEXIBLE FLOOR
  • Num: HJDP-S02

Fluorosilicone flexible floor - improve the living environment
As a new science and technology flooring materials, fluorosilicone flexible floor in the commercial field widely used, each coating with fluorine silicon as the main raw material, combined with exquisite construction technology, so that the floor is rich in moderate elasticity, improve walking comfort and safety. And has anti-skid, wear-resistant Scratch-resistant, waterproof Mildew, such as anti-corrosion performance, health and environmental protection while losing handsome beautiful, to improve the living environment play an important significance.


HJDP-S02 fluorine silicon flexible floor scope of application
Widely used in hospitals, homes, office space, outdoor flooring, parks, squares, swimming pools, shopping malls, tourist attractions, corridors and other ground floor, color and variety, monochrome, color, patterning and other equally well.

Characteristics of HJDP-S02 Fluorosilicone Elastic Floor
Waterproof, mildew, corrosion resistance, not easy to aging, simple construction, cleaning simple, healthy environmental protection, cost-effective, superior quality, wide range of use.

HJDP-S02 fluorine silicon flexible floor structure diagram


Construction Technology of HJDP - S02 Fluorosilicone Elastic Floor
First, the basic requirements: to be a solid flat, outdoor venues to be designed to a certain degree of drainage gradient, the concrete strength must be more than C25, and must be received with mechanical light.
Second, the fluorine silicon primer: the special fluorosilicone primer fully stir evenly after the first with a brush to baskets evenly Tu baskets Tu Tu, and the use of scratch or roller coating will be evenly brushing fluorosilicone primer On the ground, there must be no leakage or undercoat buildup.
Third, the fluorine-silicon in the Tu: Before the construction of the first need to use the brush to the arc Tujiao Xian evenly coated fluorine-silicon in Tu, smooth without leaving traces shall prevail. And then start scratching the surface with a tooth scraper concrete base, scraping the thickness of each coating is about 1mm, each scraping scraping interval before a dry subject, until the coating to the desired thickness.
4, Fluorosilicone paint: Fluorosilicone paint is two-component water-based material, the proportion must be in accordance with the provisions of (A group: B = 10: 1 (weight ratio) the two components are fully mixed evenly diluted with water to the construction consistency , Began to roll uniform coating or spray coating in the fluorine-silicon surface coating.
5, Fluorosilicone topcoat: Fluorosilicone topcoat layer is made of specially made flash flake with transparent fluorosilicone cover light material. Fluorosilicone cover light material is bicomponent water-based material. It must be proportioned (A group: B group = 10 : 1 (weight ratio) the two components are fully mixed evenly) diluted with water to fit the construction consistency, start rolling or spraying evenly on the surface.

HJDP-S02 fluorine silicon flexible floor construction case diagram


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