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  • Num: HJDP-S01

Color permeable flooring - maintenance of ecological balance
Color permeable green floor, also known as "porous concrete", by the coarse aggregate surface coated with a thin layer of cement, cement and cement paste each other to form a uniform distribution of the hole-like honeycomb structure, it is breathable, permeable and weight Light characteristics, effectively lift the water phenomenon, and can effectively eliminate the ground oil compounds such as environmental pollution hazards, is to maintain the ecological balance of good pavement material.


HJDP-S01 color permeable floor scope
Sidewalks, public squares, open-air car parks, park roads, commercial pedestrian streets, residential and residential courtyards.

HJDP-S01 color permeable floor characteristics
Sound-absorbing strong, good water permeability, not easy to water, beautiful.

HJDP-S01 color permeable floor structure diagram


Construction Technology of HJDP - S01 Color Pervious Floor
First, the prime soil compaction: the prime soil to compaction in the form of rolling;
Second, the gravel cushion: in the prime soil layer on the use of graded gravel, uniform laying evenly, and finally laying on the bedding evenly washed sand, and then sprinkled rolling several times;
Third, the spread paving flooring materials: the mixing of good materials with graded gravel paving evenly after mixing, and then smoother the compaction light;
Fourth, do a good job after the conservation of finished products, timely cutting expansion joints;
5, spray curing agent curing conservation.

Technical parameters of HJDP-S01 color permeable floor

Project Indicators
Relative density About 2.0
Porosity (%) About 20
Permeability (mm / sec) >2
Compressive strength (28D) / Mpa >35
Flexural strength (28D) / Mpa >4.5

HJDP-S01 color permeable floor construction case diagram


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