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CCTV hand in Royal Floor, leading the floor enterprises into the international market

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CCTV hand in Royal Floor, leading the floor enterprises into the international market

In recent years, with China's international development, numerous enterprise development direction is to conform with international, the famous floor enterprise in our country, Royal Floor limited company, leads China's flooring enterprise trend internationalization road in the year of the Dragon.

CCTV cctv.com and Royal Floor combination

At the beginning of the year, the leader of flooring industry in china, Royal Floor Company Limited announced that to signed cooperation with the first media of China CCTV cctv.com. This news, shocked the industry, Royal Floor Company Limited as the well-known brands, with the brand value of “sincerity and strive to perfect”, and the internationalization of excellent quality connotation, to be the strategic partners with CCTV cctv.com in the flooring industry.

Behind the powerful force and internationalization of excellence, training the leader of the industry

Royal Floor is located in the west side of the Straits, Fujian; as the come first on the list of flooring company in China, it is behind the strong “backer”. Royal Floor is invested by the American Royal International Holding Group Co., Ltd. It is a specialized international enterprise which set research and development, production, sales, design and construction as a whole service.

Royal Floor Co. Ltd administers all the operating activities in the Asia-Pacific region, it has established more than 10production bases, and introduces a full set of advanced technology, equipment and raw materials from the United States of America, Royal Floor built a long-term strategic cooperation relationship with the world- renowned chemical institutes.

This successful cooperation between Royal Floor and CCTV cctv.com will be a big step to enter international floor area for the Royal Floor, which means that the Royal Floor will open a large scale, all-around, high starting point of Chinese nation brand in flooring industry.

Royal Floor will not focus on the domestic market only, but also further explore the international market and distribute its brand strategy. Royal Floor will be comprehensive internationalization and build a world-class flooring enterprise in the future.

Royal Floor insists on the mission of setting up a good example in the industry, as well as creating value for client.

Choose the Royal, change the future.

Royal Floor Chinese Official Website:http://www.hjdp.cn/

Royal Floor English Official Website:http://www.cnhjdp.com/

Royal Floor Chinese Brand Website:http://www.hjdp.com.cn/

Royal Floor English Brand Website:http://en.hjdp.com.cn/

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