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Looking back in the past make determined efforts, look to the future profound knowledge

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Looking back at the past, look to the future, Royal Floor thirteen years stormy road, it is filled with emotion. From 2013 to 2015, review the development of the Royal floor of the three-year journey, the brilliant achievements, the road bumpy. Our achievements and mistakes in the performance is greater than mistakes; hope and challenge coexist, hope than challenge. 2016, Royal Floor will be the future, work together, based on a new starting point, depicting a new blueprint, embarked on a new journey of enterprise development.


From 2013 to 2015, the Royal Floor calendar list:


In December 2012, the first session of the board of directors of Fujian Normal University was formally established, and Chen Zunhou, general manager of the Company, was elected as a director of the board of directors of Fujian Normal University.


March 2013, Royal Floor to practical innovation patented product "tin titanium silencer floor" project, won the "Fuqing City Science and Technology Progress Award" third prize of the award.


May 2013, the Royal Floor in the "100 Hospital Infrastructure Management Review Supplier Activity", was named "materials and equipment excellent supplier."


In May 2013, Chen Zunhou, general manager of Royal Floor, and CCTV Director of Marketing accepted the CCTV network in the lobby of Beijing Central TV Tower. The exclusive interview with the high-end interview program of "Enterprise Growth" witnessed the theme of " An hour, so that more people understand the Royal Floor from the creation to now more than ten years of hard history, to witness the Royal Decade brand of the road.


June 2013, the Royal floor with a solid quality and scientific research and technology, the production of epoxy self-leveling flooring materials (floor coating materials) through the National Construction Engineering Materials Quality Supervision and Inspection Center of the national supervision and spot checks, and indicate Product quality and comprehensive judgments To meet the GB / T 22374-2008 target requirements, was found qualified.


August 2013, the Royal Floor won the Fujian Provincial Science and Technology Agency awarded the "scientific and technological enterprises in Fujian Province," the honorary title.


October 2013, the Royal Floor production research and development of epoxy antibacterial color stone floor, anti-oil stain-resistant floor, and other eight products by the Chinese State Intellectual Property Office awarded the "utility model patent certificate."


October 2013, I applied for water-based paint products through the China Environmental Labeling Product Certification, and was "China's environmental labeling product certification."


December 2013, the Royal floor to become the China Building Materials Federation floor material branch of the governing unit, and won the "2013 China Top 20 brands," Chen Zunhou, general manager of the "Top Ten Chinese people in 2013 floor" honor title.


June 2014, the Royal floor by the China Electronic Equipment Industry Association anti-static equipment branch membership certificate.


July 2014, the Royal Floor through the "IQNet International Certification Union certification."


August 2014, the Royal floor to participate in the preparation of the national engineering industry standards, "anti-skid surface construction engineering rules" JGJ / T331-2014, Beijing Urban Construction Technology Promotion Association for the Division I awarded the certificate.


In December 2014, the Royal floor was awarded the "2014 China floor industry brand twenty" honorary title.


December 2014, with its Royal Decoration in the construction industry R & D and success, a "China Building Decoration Association member units."


December 2014, "Royal Floor" by the Fuzhou Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce, Fuzhou Trademark Association identified as "well-known trademarks in Fuzhou."


In October, 2015, our company participated in the public welfare project of "Shanghai City nursing home pavement material sunshine project in 2015", and was awarded the public welfare certificate by Shanghai Chemical Building Materials Industry Association and Shanghai Social Welfare Industry Association.


December 2015, the Royal Floor was awarded "the 20th floor of China's top 20 brands of flooring industry," and access to "2015 China's top ten industry floor works" honor.


Recalling the past, make determined efforts, the Royal floor after 13 years of market tempered, fruitful, has trained a certain market fighting ability. Looking to the future, Houjibaofa, Royal Floor will be more on the floor, opened a comprehensive layout, the rapid development of a new page, write a more brilliant new chapter!

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