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Joining process

  • Advisory joined the matter

    Free access to the Royal Floor supporting information (such as business pictures, product manuals, investment manuals, leaflets, promotional CD-ROMs, etc., depending on the circumstances optional), the specific mail or delivery.

  • Join intention to contact

    Telephone exchanges, and the depth of communication with the franchisee to understand the comprehensive situation of customers.

  • Customer Strength Survey

    Company to join the Department to conduct inspections, assessment, fill out the intention to customer evaluation form, initially reached cooperation intention.

  • Business site visits

    The company invited to join the company to conduct field visits.

  • Signed to join the contract

    The two sides in-depth talks and negotiations, signed a contract to join.

  • To pay the deposit

    According to the requirements of standardized management of the market, the company to pay a deposit.

  • Regional market research

    Franchisees work with the company's regional managers to conduct preliminary market research on the local market.

  • Shop decoration

    Store selection, the signing of the lease contract.

  • Team formation

    Based on regional marketing work to carry out the needs and contract requirements, recruitment and formation of the workforce.

  • Company training

    The company sent personnel to the regional market guidance or organization of personnel to the company headquarters to participate in training.

  • The first purchase

    Confirm the purchase of goods and the number of stores the first batch of purchase.

  • Officially opened

    The company sent staff to celebrate the company on behalf of the store opened.