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Ping Tan NO.1 Middle School

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  Ping Tan NO.1 Middle School has long history and acquires outstanding achievement. From the setting up, the school has cultivated 25000 junior middle school and high school graduated student. It was listed as the Ping Tan key secondary schools in 1978, Provincial key middle school in 1980. After passing the examination by Fujian Municipal Education Commission, it was awarded the Provincial.
  From the 1999, with the cares and supports of leaders at all levels, the school begins a new round of campus building. It enlarged the campus space nearly one time by increasing new 40 mu area. The new main teaching buildings, integrated experimental buildings, new tracks, school gate and campus landscaping appear. The school changed into a new outlook.
  Recent years, the school actualizes the full-scale of quality education. The quality of teaching improves steadily.
  Now the school has junior middle school students and high school students, with 70 classes, 180 teaching and administrative staffs, more than 4000 students, 60000 square meters campus space. It is the national standardized examination site and civilized school.

Ping Tan NO.1 Middle School Basketball Cour

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