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Putian Hanjiang Baitang Central Primary School

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      Baitang Central Primary School is located in Putian, a famous one of 24 scene Baitang Lake, adjacent to the Hanjiang business city. Beautiful school environment, perfect facilities, with 15 classes, under the primary jurisdiction of nine, a total of 206 teachers, 3116 students, 1500 cares . School has a backbone of high morality and professional teacher team:a national excellent teacher, 3 provincial backbone teachers, 26 municipal backbone teachers, 8 district backbone teachers. In recent years, the school of "advocating class, the pursuit of excellence", established the "Virtue, learned, fitness, innovation" motto, and adhere to the road of education and scientific research, the quality of survival, the characteristics for development, innovation for lead, so that the class to the students, to create a back to teachers. School has been named as "Chinese art characteristics school", "Putian city civilization School" and "Hanjiang district qualified education school ", In the previous organization's quality primary school test in Hanjiang District,.Education achievement is the best in the region,.In all kinds of competitions in a wide range of award-winning teachers and students, awards high school grade in the school's continuous improvement:
      In order to further develop teachers and students of humanities, and comprehensively improve the quality of education and teaching in schools, school focuses on the lifelong development of students in order to "create a harmonious campus, shaping the hearts of children" as the core concept and carry out regular school work together on each foot on a homework; Young Pioneers for a variety of activities and characteristics of effective arts activities as a carrier, individuality, improve quality, enhance the overall quality of students, to achieve "educational philosophy, education human culture, teacher professionalism, the life of the classroom."as the goal. In the next process, the school will further promote the dedication and selfless dedication, good governance, pioneering and innovative spirit, the curriculum reform as an opportunity to continue to promote quality education for building a harmonious society with practical skills and innovative new generation.

Putian Hanjiang Baitang Central Primary School Runway-Before construction 

Putian Hanjiang Baitang Central Primary School Runway-Under construction

Putian Hanjiang Baitang Central Primary School Runway-After construction

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