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Chairman’s Speech

Royal Ping Road, blue-lined road, wind and rain and more than ten years. From the initial ordinary panic, to now again and again. Looking back in the past, look to the future, business of the Road, your integrity, the rise and fall of the rationale, tied to a change. Royal floor for 10 years always adhere to the "service-oriented, business integrity, stability and progress, the pursuit of excellence" business philosophy, professional, focused on building green environmental protection for customers and make unremitting efforts!

Royal floor in this fertile land leap in the development and expansion of the Albert CHAN, the condensation of the Royal people burning passion, hard work and the wisdom of innovation. Southern experience of the Northern War Royal floor to have today's achievements.

These small achievements, not worthy of our pride, the achievements are both an encouragement, but also to our spur. We have to do a hundred years of brand planning must be a good business development strategy, with unswerving faith and continue to explore. Royal Floor is a red sunrise, rising from the eastern horizon. The next decade, the Royal floor to become a "floor industry's first brand," toward this core goal, the Royal will surmount, with confidence, based in China, out of Asia, to the world!

Chairman: Chen Zunhou