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  • 2016

    Sponge city of the proposed, to the Royal infinite power. Royal floor to "create green products, improve the living environment" as its mission, in response to national call, a solid job of building a smart city, step by step into the future of the camp to action to prove China's leading industry, the responsibility of the floor.


    Royal floor impressive, winning several major projects in one fell swoop, airports, motor vehicle floor system, can see the royal figure. The country's industrial revitalization, can not do without the love of the cause of the revival of the national floor business support, Royal Floor, adhere to the prosperity and prosperity of the motherland contribute.

  • 2014

    Royal commercial flooring system add strength, epoxy terrazzo floor system shocking available, the floor visual perception of full beauty, excellent wear and scratch resistance characteristics and personalized custom, the Royal Floor brand style Once again enhance the industry model cast once again.


    Royal new antibacterial color stone epoxy floor, anti-oil stain-resistant floor, as well as construction technology and technology, ground structure and other technology to obtain 15 new patent certification and five patents for inventions, stunning outstanding achievements.

  • 2012

    In November, the Royal floor in 2012 (10th) Chinese enterprises competition annual meeting, won the "2012 most competitive hundred small and medium enterprises" and "the 2012 most growth of cutting-edge small and medium enterprises" two honorary awards . August Royal floor was awarded the "China Hospital Construction Guide" special guest enterprise award, for the future to enter the hospital medical floor industry lay the foundation. At the same time an exclusive sponsor of the China International Hospital Salon Conference, the Royal Hospital of the medical floor of the health sector was well received across the country.

    In July, with years of "scientific and technological innovation," the core concept of the Royal floor production of tin titanium silencer floor, permeable floor, strong acid-resistant floor, and other eight products are the Chinese State Intellectual Property Office granted "utility model patents certificate".

    In July, the Royal floor through the "OHSMS18000 occupational health and safety management system certification."

    In March, the People's Republic of China Ministry of Housing and Urban Construction and Construction for the Royal Floor awarded the "engineering design and construction" Erji qualification certificate.

    In February, the Royal floor for many years with green anti-corrosion, anti-corrosion technology as the goal, for the comprehensive control of corrosion of human resources, the environment and safety hazards to make a positive contribution by the Chinese Industrial Corrosion Technology Association as "the sixth governing units ".


    In October, the Royal Floor anti-static system engineering design and construction, a comprehensive through the China Electronic Equipment Industry Association, anti-static equipment branch certification, and awarded "China's anti-static equipment construction qualification."

    In January, the Royal floor full adoption of "quality management system certification" and "international environmental management system", is the floor industry's first international double system certification of enterprises.

  • 2010

    In December, the China Building Construction Standards Committee review, the Royal floor was rated as qualified, good service, good honor, "the national building materials system AAA-level enterprises."

    In June, the Royal floor products have been advocating the idea of environmental protection-oriented production, the China Building Materials Market Association awarded the "green building materials," the honorary title.

    In May, the National Building Materials Technology Promotion Center Council review, the Royal floor was named "new building materials science and technology promotion center governing units."


    In March, Fuzhou Consumer Association awarded the Royal Floor "integrity unit" honorary title.

    In January, the Royal floor sports products by the National Sporting Goods Quality Supervision and Inspection Center as a fixed-point inspection units.

  • 2006

    In June, the Royal floor was awarded the Fujian Provincial Science and Technology Agency "high-tech enterprises" honorary title.


    In June, Royal Floor (Fujian) Co., Ltd. was formally established.